This study in Deuteronomy is the fifth part of a lengthier study in the Torah (first five books of the first Testament) and takes a look at the history and culture of Moses's speeches to Israel before Yahweh brought them into the Promised Land. This study is 15 hours long (recorded in 2012). This is worth 2 Bible CEUs. I will be re-teaching and re-recording this class in March of 2018 with updated information.


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The nation of Israel was camped out on the eastern side of the Jordan River and just north of the Dead Sea and ready to enter the Promised Land; this was after forty years of wandering following their lack of faith in Yahweh’s ability to give them the Promised Land. Here Moses gave three farewell speeches before He passed his mantle of leadership to Joshua.

Deuteronomy is not just a repeat of things previously revealed in the first four books of the Torah. It is a selective digest of matters most important for the Israelites in their relationship with Yahweh. Moses instructed them on how they were to view the events of the last forty years and why they happened. Moses told specific events in order to remind Israel that they are in a covenant relationship of love with Yahweh. And as with all relationships, certain things are expected in order to maintain the covenant relationship in a healthy way.