The goals of these Bible studies are, first, to help you understand the cultural background and the literary structure of the biblical stories and, thus, the purpose and message behind those stories. The second goal is to unfold the major themes that are developed throughout the different books of the Bible and that tell the story of Yahweh’s plan of redemption.

All the books of the Bible audio studies below count for ACSI Bible CEUs.

It takes a lot of time to research, write, record and edit these classes, and I am committed to offering them for free. But if you feel blessed by these classes and would like to donate, I would really appreciate it!

Teaching Schedule

September—December 2017: Exodus and Leviticus

January—May 2018: Numbers and Deuteronomy

June—August 2018: Possible class depending on interest

September—December 2018: Joshua, Judges, and Ruth

January—May 2019: Samuel

September—December 2019: Kings


Books of the Bible (Audio and Notes)

The following are verse by verse studies that develop the themes of each of the books of the Bible. Starting in January 2017 with Genesis and into the next couple of years I will be re-teaching and re-recording the First Testament books of the Bible. I have learned a lot since the first recordings and hope to provide a deeper, richer, and more unified understanding of these books.


Topical Studies (Audio and Notes)