Beginnings consists of Genesis 1-11 and is often called prehistory. These chapters tell the beginning of all things and thus build the foundation for the rest of the Bible. Here we see the beginning of creation, humanity, relationships, sin, nations, and rebellion. This is where the story of creation and fall are told and, most importantly, where the story of redemption begins. The major focus of this section is on Yahweh’s sovereignty as creator and, accordingly, ruler/judge over His creation. In contrast to this are the fall and rebellion of His creation against Him. This is also where the metanarratives of the Bible are established, whereby the rest of the Bible will continue to develop them.

These chapters show that the fall and spread of sin was not Yahweh’s desire for His creation. Genesis reveals that Yahweh is different from all other gods and thus His purpose for creation is different from all the other gods. Genesis 1-11 tells of how from the very beginning humanity has resisted Him despite how He has intervened and pursued them. It establishes the reason for Yahweh’s choosing one man, Abraham, to make into a great nation, through whom He would redeem the world back to Himself and restore His creation back to its original purpose.

His theological perspective can be summarized in two points. First, the author intends to draw a line connecting the God of the Fathers and the God of the Sinai covenant with the God who created the world. Second, the author intends to show that the call of the patriarchs and the Sinai covenant have as their ultimate goal the reestablishment of God’s original purpose in Creation.1