I started this website in 2004 because others wanted me to record and upload my lessons so that they could listen to them when they missed a night at Bible study. Since then it has grown into me pretty much uploading everything that I have. This has slowed down in the past few years – after the addition of three daughters to our family – but I still have desires to add more to the website. I actually have two desires for this website. My first desire is to provide you with teaching on the Bible that helps you understand better and more clearly the cultural and literary world of the Bible.

My second desire is to provide all of my teaching material for free. For about a year I was charging money for certain lessons, as I was feeling the stress of being a father to three children and had sought advice on this from some friends. However, I was never at peace about it. So I have gone back to offering all my material for free because I believe so strongly that the Gospel should not be sold.

Even so, having a website does cost money, and producing written and audio lessons does require precious time away from my family. I would only ask that if you have been blessed by the teaching here that you would prayerfully consider making a donation to help me to continue to build this website. (No begging or nagging is intended here, for I truly do trust Yahweh to provide as we have seen Him do so many times in the past.)

(I am not an official non-profit orgization so you will not be able to use this as a tax write off.)